Swedish quality since 1950

ASKO design and manufacture premium Kitchen, Laundry and Professional appliances. We are proud that these machines meet the highest demands on design, function, durability as well as environmental awareness.

Scandinavian design with a smile

Scandinavian design has its own aesthetic expression and appearance. The foundations are purity, simplicity and naturalness, themes which recur in the design language and choice of colors and materials.

We never compromise on the choice of materials, components or functional solutions. Each detail has a purpose, each solution a reason. Functionality is first, and with it comes a long life span, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly construction and user-friendly solutions. The simplicity is clear in the clean, scaled-down exteriors

Swedish quality since Quality always comes from dedication

We test our products to inhuman limits. For example, we open and close the dishwasher door 300,000 times to assure ourselves that the door lock, hinge and loading racks will last. This is equivalent to opening the door 40 times a day for 20 years.

ASKO is committed to the environment

Our dishwashers, have a very low energy and detergent consumption and are among the most water-efficient in the world. By 1999 our environmental work had advanced so far that we received environmental certiļ¬cation in accordance with ISO 14001. Most of the components in our appliances are, for example, labelled for recycling.

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