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Chicken − the Original White Meat

Written by Charleston

I would like to introduce my fowl weathered friend − the chicken. Continue reading

Standing Rib Roast at my Favorite Time of the Year

Written by Cheffy

It is nearly impossible to serve a great standing rib roast without having a keen eye on your meat thermometer. DO NOT OVERCOOK IT! The fool proof method is to use your oven probe set to 120° shutting off the oven. Continue reading

Cooking Prime Rib for the Holidays

Written by Charleston

The term "prime rib" is almost always a misnomer, as very little of what is served as prime rib is actually Prime-grade beef. Continue reading

To Fungi or Not To Fungi

Written by Cheffy

Here are some interesting facts about mushrooms from my good friend Alton Brown. Continue reading

Dishwashing Dilemma – It’s All About Chemistry

Written by Charleston

Cloudy glassware can be frustrating, but do we really know what is happening to our dishes. In this article, find out Miele's explanation to cloudy glassware and the solution to this dilemma. Continue reading